Extension libraries

The Taichi programming language offers a minimal and generic built-in standard library. Extra domain-specific functionalities are provided via extension libraries:

Taichi GLSL

Taichi GLSL is an extension library of Taichi, aiming at providing useful helper functions including:

  1. Handy scalar functions like clamp, smoothstep, mix, round.
  2. GLSL-alike vector functions like normalize, distance, reflect.
  3. Well-behaved random generators including randUnit2D, randNDRange.
  4. Handy vector and matrix initializer: vec and mat.
  5. Handy vector component shuffle accessor like v.xy.

Click here for Taichi GLSL Documentation.

python3 -m pip install taichi_glsl

Taichi THREE

Taichi THREE is an extension library of Taichi to render 3D scenes into nice-looking 2D images in real-time (work in progress).


Click here for Taichi THREE Tutorial.

python3 -m pip install taichi_three