Installing the legacy Taichi Library


This is NOT for installing the Taichi programming language. Unless you are building a legacy project based on the legacy Taichi library (e.g. taichi_mpm and spgrid_topo_opt) you should always install Taichi using pip.

If you are working on the Taichi compiler and need to build from source, see Developer installation.

Supported platforms:

  • Ubuntu (gcc 5+)
  • Mac OS X (gcc 5+, clang 4.0+)
  • Windows (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017)

Make sure you have python 3.5 +.

Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and Mac OS X


Note, if python complains that a package is missing, simply rerun and the package should be loaded.


Download and execute this script with python3.

Additional environment variables: (assuming taichi is installed in DIR/taichi) Set TAICHI_REPO_DIR as DIR/taichi (e.g. E:/repos/taichi). Add %TAICHI_REPO_DIR%/python to PYTHONPATH, DIR/taichi/bin (e.g. E:/repos/taichi/bin) to PATH. Restart cmd or PowerShell, and you should be able to run command ti.

Build with Double Precision (64 bit) Float Point

export TC_USE_DOUBLE=1
ti build